This Android Version Is the Most Widely Used At The Moment


Google has returned to sharing Android dissemination numbers since last year when they revealed that Android 10 was the most well-known Android version. The OS was first launched in 2019 when Google dumped adding pastry names.

Android 10 outclassed Android 11 which was sent off in 2020. Be that as it may, late information as of May ninth this year, the OS has gotten its balance as is currently the most famous Android rendition.

Smartphone companies have been delivering gadgets running Android 11 the previous year and early this year.

Android 11 brought new protection and security highlights including further developed treatment of application consents for the camera, mouthpiece, and area perused capacity, and auto-reset consents for applications you haven’t utilized in some time, Nearby Share, capacity to stick applications in the offer menu and booked dull mode, strong media controls, consistent updates, Multitasking sheet, improved autofill, proposed applications, biometric verification, among a large group of other helpful elements. OEMs redid their skins to fit in their UI’s for their separate gadgets.

The chats say that Android 11 sits at 28.3% while Android 10 sits at 23.9%. Android 9 Pie and Android 8 Oreo follow intently at 16.2% and 11.6% separately. Android 7 Nougat, Android 6 Marshmallow, and Android 5 Lollipop gather together at 5%, 3.9%, and 3% separately.

Information on Android 12 which was sent off last year is missing as designers don’t find it fundamentally significant as they sort out which Android renditions ought to be upheld and meet the base API prerequisites.

Google is now intending to send packing almost 900,000 applications from the Play Store. Google says that applications need to meet the objective API level 29 for Android 10. Right now the ongoing API target is 33 for Android 13.

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