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Apple Sues A Former MacBook Designer After He Leaked Information To A Journalist

Apple has for quite some time been an organization that refuses to compromise against individuals who spill data to the press and now it’s suing one individual for doing precisely that. Previous item plan boss Simon Lancaster purportedly spilled data to a columnist. What’s more, Apple is currently following him incredibly.

First spotted by AppleInsider, new court reports recommend that Lancaster released the data with expectations of getting exposure for the organization he was moving to in the wake of leaving Apple.

The Verge likewise got an assertion from Apple, saying that it views the burglary of proprietary advantages appropriately.

Tens of thousands of Apple employees work tirelessly every day on new products, services, and features in the hopes of delighting our customers and empowering them to change the world. Stealing ideas and confidential information undermines their efforts, hurting Apple and our customers,” commented Apple in a statement to The Verge. “We take very seriously this individual’s deliberate theft of our trade secrets, violation of our ethics and our policies, all for personal gain. We will do all we can to protect the innovations we hold so dear.

Apple’s claim affirms that Lancaster started conversations with an anonymous writer in 2018, with things kicking up stuff in 2019. Eventually, Lancaster needed press for the startup he planned to make a beeline for subsequent to leaving Apple.

In October 2019, Lancaster reportedly notified his correspondent that he was planning to leave Apple, giving over secret information on Apple products and asking if they wanted “to write a story about a 12-year Apple Design Veteran leaving for an amazing startup?” The correspondent also allegedly asked Lancaster to get additional information on an unannounced project that Apple refers to as “Project X.

The full AppleInsider report merits a read with tons more data from the claim. We don’t have a clue who the writer associated with this story was, however, it doesn’t take a gigantic measure of the creative mind to several names. We’ll leave the legwork to you, however.

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