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Apple Watch’s best features in watchOS 11

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This autumn, the Apple Watch will receive a ton of improvements along with its annual feature injection. These are among our new favorite watchOS 11 features.

Every year, iOS receives the majority of global attention; this year, with the inclusion of Apple Intelligence, this is especially true. However, Apple’s wrist-worn computer is also going to have a great year.

1. Live Activities

With the capacity to offer real-time information on significant events like the location of your food delivery, the status of your rideshare, or the outcome of the football match, Live Activities on the iPhone have been highly appreciated.

With watchOS 11, they may now be found on the Apple Watch. Above your other cards, they appear at the top of the Smart Stack.

In relation to the Smart Stack, Apple has introduced several new cards that will change in appearance according to time, place, and other variables.

It can translate text when you travel to a foreign nation, alert you when rain is predicted, and Shazam when it hears music.

2. New apps for Apple Watch

This year, Vitals and Translate are the two new Apple Watch applications. With its 20 language translation capabilities, the latter is a step up over the iPhone. You will be able to choose the speed at which it replies after listening to you.

Apple WatchOS 11 features

Vitals are completely new and, at last, provide a visual representation of how many of the measurements that Apple Watch is gathering are comparable to your average.

Vitals will compile your heart rate, breathing rate, wrist temperature, SpO2 levels, and sleep in the morning when you wear your Apple Watch at night.

Apple WatchOS 11 features 1

All of these data will be displayed on a little chart, and if any of them are abnormal, you will receive an alert along with possible explanations.

3. Workouts & Fitness

Moving on to fitness, Apple has determined that you may now halt your streaks following 10 releases.

Apple WatchOS 11 features 2

At WWDC, breaking streaks is simple. We have, however, taken extreme measures to maintain our streaks when we are not on the field, such as exerting ourselves when ill or even when in the hospital.

We also broke a streak, although for silly reasons like an overly lengthy Apple Watch update that ended a nearly 1,500-day run. You may now pause for as long as you choose, including on days off.

Apple WatchOS 11 features 3

You may also set multiple objectives according to the day with watchOS 11. Perhaps calorie goals that are lower during the week but rise over the weekend.

Apple WatchOS 11 features 4

The new feature, raining Load, compares your present performance with statistics over the last 28 days. It will indicate if you’re exceeding, falling short of, or staying within your current threshold.

You receive a fresh effort screen after your workout. It will automatically choose an effort for the majority of cardio exercises depending on how it perceives your performance, but you also have the option to manually change this.

Lastly, the Workout is directly connected with Check-In, allowing it to begin and end with your workout. There’s no need to use your iPhone one more step.

4. Watch faces

Apple WatchOS 11 features 5
WatchOS 11 Features

To our dismay, watchOS 11 doesn’t come with any new watch faces. We’ll have to find out in the autumn whether this is a transitory situation or not.

However, Apple did redesign the Photos front. It now analyzes the images in your collection using machine learning to identify the best images to use and recommend compositions.

Users may still choose the language, color, size, font, and positioning, or you can delegate most of that authority to the watch.

Availability & supported devices

These new capabilities will be available on several devices, including the first and second-generation Apple Watch Ultra, as well as the Apple Watch SE 2, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Series 9.

Along with Apple’s other operating systems, the public release is scheduled for September of this year.

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