Leaked design material suggests that iOS 18 will have a visionOS-inspired appearance


iOS 18 visionOS-inspired Appearance

On Tuesday, a supposed iOS 18 design resource appeared online, revealing a brand-new, glassy appearance that might be influenced by visionOS. The changes are minor and difficult to see, but if you squint, you’ll see reflective edges on buttons that resemble glass. This resembles the user interface when utilizing the Apple Vision Pro.

Although MacRumors is cautious to point out that they cannot vouch for the image’s veracity, they received it from an anonymous source who allegedly obtained it from an iOS engineer. It is said that the picture will be part of the iOS 18 Apple Design Resources.

If the picture is authentic, iOS 18 will incorporate VisionOS design cues. Nor is this the first time we’ve heard this theory put forth; in fact, a rumor from early February stated much the same thing.

The image leaker, @sb_apple_com, claims credit for the leak. This leak, if accurate, shouldn’t be taken too seriously because it originates from an account that says the MacBook Air will be available in purple and green as early as March 1.

Since there have been rumors of new iOS 18 interface elements and this isn’t the first leak claiming inspiration from visionOS, we’re evaluating the leak as plausible. Although AppleInsider is unable to confirm the anonymous source, the report shouldn’t be completely discounted until further information is gathered to support or refute it.

There are also rumors circulating that Apple’s upcoming major iOS upgrade will feature a huge overhaul. Bloomberg previously stated that although iOS 18 would draw some design inspiration from visionOS, it wouldn’t replicate the look exactly.

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