There is currently a deadline by which Apple must discontinue utilizing Lightning

The EU no longer provides ambiguous dates. Things are currently becoming official and specific.


The EU formally adopted legislation earlier this year requiring manufacturers to utilize a standard charger solution for all related products. This started the process of creating the iPhone without a Lightning port, which is something we’ve long wanted.

Apple USB-C iPhone

The EU has now officially established December 28, 2024, as the day when this rule will go into effect (source: The Verge).

But before 2024, we firmly anticipate Apple to make USB-C iPhones available. The iPhone 15 series will likely be the first sans Lightning ports when it launches in September 2023. The iPhone 16 series and perhaps even a new iPhone SE with USB-C connections will be available by the end of 2024 as well.

Nevertheless, Apple would have to make the switch by December 2024 if it chose to put off doing so much longer for some weird reason.

The EU hopes this law will force manufacturers to be more environmentally conscious. If every device uses the same connector, it will eliminate millions of tons of waste since people won’t need to abandon cable accessories when they upgrade devices. Of course, it will take years for Lightning-based iPhones to fully go away, but we needed to start somewhere.

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