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Apple’s New iPhone Features Outperform Samsung and Google When Your Battery Dies


iPhone is Findable aSince you depend on your phone to tell you the time, you are aware of the circumstances: your phone is dead. You can still catch that train (or at least determine if it’s worth rushing for it or not) thanks to a new feature that will be included in the iOS 18 update for iPhone this autumn.

This is so that the time may be seen on the display even if the phone’s battery runs out. Not only that, but it also indicates that Find My will still function by displaying an empty battery indicator and the phrase “iPhone is Findable.” That portion is not new; that is what many other iPhones’ displays will tell you when the battery is too low to power the device.

iOS 18 will provide new charging limit levels to the newest iPhone models, which include the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, in addition to a battery improvement. MacRumors claims that Apple intends to improve the current charging limitations seen in the iPhone 15 series. Currently, there’s a setting that stops the phone from charging past 80%.

However, iOS 18 will provide more precise control. with further restrictions of 85%, 90%, and even 95% of the total charge as new. According to the source, iOS 18 now adopts a proactive strategy to extend battery life by suggesting a specified charging limit to consumers through a notification system.

When you used to charge your smartphone, you would charge it all the way to 100% and then watch as the energy gradually decreased once again. All of that is fine, but in the long run, it does not improve the battery’s health. It is advisable to leave it in full for a shorter amount of time.

Although it’s limited to the iPhone 15 models in the developer beta, this new function may eventually be available for other iPhones running iOS 18.

Additionally, more information on this feature has now surfaced. According to a recent analysis from Mashable, “between 20 and 80 percent is the sweet spot for battery health, at least for the types of batteries that go into an iPhone.” However, 80 percent could be too low for certain users, so having the option to raise the restriction to 85, 90, or 95 percent might be more beneficial in the long term.

However, there’s another crucial factor to consider. Ultimately, there are situations in which you truly need your phone to be completely charged, such as when you have a long day ahead of you and you won’t be near power outlets. Can you, therefore, fully recharge? Indeed.

“With iOS 18, you will also be able to raise the limit from a lower level to the maximum for a single use before it is reset.” There’s an additional method by which iOS 18 might extend battery life. With iOS 18, the new dark theme may make the whole display, including the app icons, significantly darker. This might also result in a little power savings on an OLED display.

As to the article, “You might be left wondering why your iPhone has less battery life than everyone else’s.” So, pay attention to the settings you pick and make sure they’re exactly what you want. All of this could be perplexing, in the way that smartphones still manage to be.

Returning to the battery information displayed on the screen, Apple is enhancing what you see when the battery is so low that the iPhone is unable to power on, as seen by a Reddit user and reported by 9to5Mac.

Apple has had Power Reserve, a really helpful feature, for a while now. This indicates that the iPhone maintains a little power backup for a while after the battery has run out so that the device may still be found. It implies that your iPhone will be able to get in touch with Find My if you mark it as lost. This feature operates for around five hours.

Additionally, the phrases “iPhone is findable” and an empty battery symbol may appear on the display during this period.

The time is now displayed in the upper left corner of the display in iOS 18, a little but very helpful update. Astutely, Apple placed this information where the time is displayed when the iPhone is being used regularly, where your eyes naturally go first.

While certain Android phones from Samsung, Google, and other manufacturers can match the findable functionality, the new clock update is not compatible with them yet.

Don’t hurry to update just yet if you’re a night owl who frequently discovers that your iPhone’s battery has died and you want this new function; it seems that not all iPhones can support it.

It appears to be restricted to iPhone 15 models, at least temporarily, according to MacRumors. When Juli Clover tried it on an iPhone 15 Pro Max, it functioned as expected; however, on an iPhone 14 Pro Max, there was no time shown.

I will update this page if I learn more. As of right now, there is no information on whether it is limited to the Pro models.

Another caveat, as usual: the new software is still in development beta and is just a few days old. Therefore, you shouldn’t install the iOS 18 developer beta to your primary iPhone—the one you use on a daily basis—as it may break, have poor battery life, and be very bothersome. We plan to release the public beta in the upcoming month.

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