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Three Exceptional Hardware Features of iPhone 15 Pro and Max

There's no better moment than the present to discover the features that are exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max if you haven't had the chance.

Apple unveils watchOS 11, which includes Live Activities and additional training tools.

At WWDC 2024, Apple unveiled watchOS 11, the most recent iteration of its wristwatch platform. It will be available for developers to play with as early as today, and sometime in the following month, a public beta will be...

Significant accessibility features are being added to Apple’s AirPods

As it has done in previous years, Apple WWDC keynotes 2024 unveiled new software features that would be added to its current line of AirPods headphones and earbuds on Monday. With the release of Siri Interactions, AirPods users will be...

The iPhone models that are compatible with iOS 18 update

Apple finally revealed iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 on Monday, following numerous reports. The updated iPhone operating system includes a redesigned Photos app, Apple Intelligence, a new Home Screen with customizable icons, and much more. We also have the...

How to prepare your iPhone so you may try iOS 18 as soon as it’s released first

Ahead of us at the Worldwide Developers Conference, we anticipate learning everything there is to know about Apple's upcoming OS systems. We anticipate iOS 18 to be one of the largest iOS updates in years, with a significant emphasis...

Leaked design material suggests that iOS 18 will have a visionOS-inspired appearance

Although MacRumors is cautious to point out that they cannot vouch for the image's veracity,

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