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TSMC’s Premium Over SMIC Highlights Challenges for China’s Chip Fund

TSMC has gained 48 percent this year in Taipei, while Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) lost 7.5 percent, resulting in the worst yearly performance disparity since 2005.

How to Transfer Your Data From Your Old Phone to Your New iPhone

Whether you recently acquired a brand-new iPhone 15 or were given one as a gift from a friend or relative, moving your data from your old phone to a new iPhone seems like a lot of fun. Fortunately, it's...

How to Create a bootable installer for macOS

Although you may install macOS on several machines without downloading the installer each time,

How to create macOS bootable usb on Windows 10

For someone like me who wanted to do this without having extensive terminal expertise, UltraDMG's method was clear-cut and suitable. Strongly advised!

How to Reset Your MacBook

Consider looking at the Time Machine app before attempting to reset your MacBook. Initially, you require an independent backup disk, which might be any external hard drive or USB drive (ideally, one with a larger capacity than the internal drive of your Mac).

How to Screen Record on Macs and MacBooks

You can also record a portion or all of your screen with Apple's screenshot feature. The easy way to open the screen record toolbar when taking a screenshot is to press Shift + Command + 5.

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