Friendship goals between Leila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma



Ugandan divas Leila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma were truth implications of partnership goals. They were nearest colleagues who wont to travel, party, heading off to each and every social affair.

So vague they were, to a degree that they transformed into a wellspring of snitch because of their closeness. This friendship moreover gave us a tune, ‘Binyuma’ that we treasured such a ton.

We thought it had been the standard youngster fight once they quit being a bother through electronic systems administration media and hanging out together, yet we weren’t right.

The once nearest associates were no more. The ‘Olinye ya Majje’ hitmaker appeared on national TV in 2018 and rubbished their relationship.

In a gathering when asked with respect to why they don’t remain close by together, Hellen Lukoma said she was too clamoring locking in for her future and young people to follow family relationship performance and a snitch.

They probably won’t have begun to deal with their brutal split, anyway unsurprising with this gathering, they were done considering the way that she in like manner explained that she didn’t have allies anymore.

Today, regardless, the 2 are back inviting, wishing each other well on Instagram.

Starting late Leila Kayondo lost his dearest father and Hellen Lukoma was among the various individuals that showed up at wound her.

Two or three days sometime later, Hellen reposted one among their old photos together and she or he had some not too bad encouraging words to make reference to her while bestie.

“Today I acclaim you. you’re a healthy woman @leilakayondo. This world has nothing on us. With everything happening, trust me God is in charge,” Hellen shared.

Leila raced to reply to the message, “Thank you for my Matu. Miss you, love you. God is to make certain in control .”

In spite of the way that the drawn-out associates have killed any disarray air, we aren’t certain if they’re back to their evident BFF status.

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