How to Copy and Paste on Mac and Some Other Useful Shortcuts

How to Copy and Paste on Mac
How to Copy and Paste on Mac

Prepare yourself for the two keyboard shortcuts that work best with MacBooks. Do you know what Ctrl C + Ctrl V is? Now prepare for Command C + Command V (drum roll). Yes, that is all. Holding down the Cmd key, press C to copy text or an image. Holding down Cmd, press V to paste. Use Cmd + X to cut text instead. Alternatively, you can control-click or right-click on text or an image, select “Copy,” repeat the process, and then select “Paste” to paste it.

Whoa, that was hard, wasn’t it? Of course, you have access to a good number of other intriguing commands that you may look into as well. For example, you want to paste and match style if you want the text you copied to seem exactly like the content in the document or email you are presently creating. To copy and match style, either right-click on the selection or use the shortcut Option + Shift + Command + V.

To locate items you recently copied, you will need to access the clipboard. Launch the Finder application first, then click Edit in the top bar and choose Clipboard. You should be able to locate the text you most recently copied there. Unfortunately, it won’t display the history of copies you’ve made recently.

You will need to install an additional app if you wish to save multiple copy tasks. We suggest downloading apps like Maccy from the website, which requests a donation instead of charging $10 on the App Store. Another option is PastePal, which is free but restricts how many items you can copy and paste until you upgrade to the premium edition.

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