How to Screen Record on Macs and MacBooks

how to screen record on mac
how to screen record on Mac

Screen recording on Macs is exceedingly straightforward, maybe even easier than on mobile devices, thanks to a few simple shortcut keys. You can record audio using these choices as well, but the audio will be recorded using the Mac’s built-in microphone or any attached microphone, so don’t expect the highest possible quality.

You can also record a portion or all of your screen with Apple’s screenshot feature. The easy way to open the screen record toolbar when taking a screenshot is to press Shift + Command + 5. After that, a toolbar with a number of buttons will appear near the bottom of the screen. Click the “Record Entire Screen” option if you wish to record the complete screen.

Click the “Record Selected Portion” button and drag the window to the desired size if you only want to record a portion of the screen. The resolution of the video you’ll make is indicated by the little numbers you select. The recording will then begin when you press the record button. When you’re done, press the little “Stop” button, which is now located at the top of the screen on the right side and should appear next to the focus button, or return to the screen recording menu.

Additionally, you can record audio using any attached microphone or the Mac’s microphone. Click settings in the snapshot menu, then choose the microphone you want to record from. It is also possible to instruct the system to capture just five to ten seconds of the screen and display your mouse clicks in the ensuing movie.

You might also want to try recording video using the defunct Quicktime Player program if you’re using an older Mac that still supports it. Although it’s simpler to use the built-in keyboard shortcut, Quicktime provides more choices for varying the quality of audio recordings. Choose File, then New Audio Recording in Quicktime. Pressing the options bar allows you to choose between several quality settings. Regretfully, if you choose New Video Recording, you have no control over the audio quality.

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