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Harmony OS 2.0 Will Officially Come At HDC Together Conference (SEP. 10 – 12)


Huawei completely verbalized that the 2020 Huawei Developer Conference is going to be held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan from September 10 to September 12, and early offer tickets are on sale since August 3.

As appeared by the check, this social gathering will bring rich substance, for instance, keynote talks, express gatherings, and industry pioneers’ trades. It will similarly experience the beguile of code with as rule organizers at Codelabs. In addition, we should see a visit with Huawei experts one-on-one on headway and exchanges at Tech.Hour.

In spite of how it isn’t passed on unequivocally, clearly this is the best a perfect chance to legitimately uncover the especially anticipated Harmony OS 2.0.

Surely, when Harmony 1.0 was accounted for a year sooner, Huawei explained that it would dispatch Harmony 2.0 in 2020 and continue moving Harmony 3.0 in 2021. So this isn’t dazzling regardless of held.

At the Huawei Developer Conference HDC 2019 in August a year sooner, Yu Chengdong officially released the Harmony OS, a full-scene that gave OS subject to a microkernel. This OS went with four essential features: scattered structure, normal flawlessness, part security, and common sharing. It supports separated decoupling, and different devices can be passed on deftly.

Advantages of Harmony OS 2.0

The Harmony structure understands the arrangement thought of ‘more minute degree bit’. This isn’t really indistinguishable from the ‘full scale some piece’ of Android and various structures. It is the vague working stage, which is passed on for things with different gear limits.

In like manner, it understands a streamed structure to improve adequacy. The best incredible position is that it can change according to particular screen sizes and contraption limits, make grouped terminal applications speedily and keep up various application assortments.

To the degree security, Harmony understands a little expansion piece + outside focus structure. The littler expansion part doesn’t require root supports. In like manner, the outside focus affiliations are isolated from each other, as such reviving system security.

Concerning the overall execution, the Harmony system deals with the issue of deficient execution of the current structure by using two developments – a specific acquiescence engine and a first-class IPC.

In like manner, the Ark compiler will support multi-language bound together combination, later on, immensely improving development adequacy.

Also, Yu Chengdong once conferred that Harmony is ‘clearly, usable’ on phones and is ‘readied to use’. It is smoother, safer, and more future-facilitated than Android. Regardless, Huawei will offer the need for the Android regular structure.

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