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How much is Apple worth when Google, Amazon, and Meta are combined?

You did, of course, read it correctly. These businesses, which were formerly expected to be Apple’s main rivals, now need to pool their resources in order to compete with Apple on an equal footing.

What is the net worth of Apple

The global economy is in decline, and practically all tech companies, large and small, have experienced a fall in revenue. For illustration, a business the size of Meta, owner of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, had a sharp decline in revenue. losing $90 billion only this year.

We all saw a decrease in Apple’s financial situation when they released their third quarter numbers last week. However, we noted that the majority of sales from the iPhone 14 series were unrecorded.

A few days after the rumors surfaced, an insider report verifies that the iPhone maker had increased its revenue by 6% after reporting its third-quarter 2022 profits. And according to this report, the combined value of Apple and three enormous corporations is now equal.

These businesses are not just any businesses; they are household names like Amazon, Meta, and Alphabet. According to Business Insider’s analysis, Apple is currently valued at $2.307 trillion. In comparison to Amazon’s estimated $940 billion value, Alphabet is also valued at $1.126 trillion. Meta, with a $240 billion market valuation, ranks last on this list.

Do you currently have a calculator? Simply do the math. After adding up the values of Amazon, Meta, and Alphabet, you’ll see that Apple still outperforms them by $1 million.


What is the net worth of Apple 2

Apple does not appear to be under the same amount of strain as other brands. The iPhone 14 lineup was timely released, thanks to its newest phones. The iMac and MacBook, two Mac desktop computers, have greatly aided Apple’s expansion on a global scale.

I’ll be using the global analytics report that we saw earlier this week as an example. Except for Apple, all of the top 7 PC brands on the list experienced a dip. On the other hand, the iPhone manufacturer also said that there are now more PC ties with businesses. This has also contributed to Apple’s expansion.

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