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iOS 18 isn’t an operating system designed for cheaters any more than Android has been

iOS 18 features
iOS 18 features

“Influencers” on social media are creating situations and features for iOS 18 that they claim would make it the best operating system for liars. This is not your typical ignorance. People began to voice their thoughts on Apple’s feature changes after the company’s operating system improvements were revealed during the keynote speeches.

Many are well-rounded viewpoints from analysts, other industry watchers, tech YouTubers, specialized sites like AppleInsider, and our friends at other media focused on Apple and other publications.

On social media, there are, nonetheless, also deranged and ignorant hot takes. The TikTok brain trust’s most recent widely circulated charge is that Apple is increasing the iPhone’s usefulness for cheaters. The hidden applications and locked apps capabilities of iOS 18 have captured the attention of many videos on TikTok and other social media sites, who have then allowed their imaginations to run wild.

As the name implies, locked apps make it impossible for anybody with access to the iPhone to access certain apps that the owner has locked. In order to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the app, Face ID is necessary in order to unlock the device.

By concealing the application from view, hidden applications go one step further. The app will be mostly invisible while hidden, with the exception of a few references in Settings, and its alerts will be muted. It will also not show up in search or Spotlight suggestions.

The wheel of content spins.

Several instances of social media comments, particularly on TikTok, suggest right away that hiding or locking applications is a feature that cheaters may take advantage of. Also, in an attempt to support their argument, they are inventing characteristics that do not exist.

iOS 18 features
iOS 18 features

The iPhone will be a “cheater’s paradise,” according to many hot takes from TikTok stars, as it will be simpler to stop someone from looking through a partner’s phone. It’s been suggested that a person’s spouse may have a hidden Bumble or Tinder profile, keeping the applications hidden from prying eyes.

There are many hints that this is a warning sign in a partnership. Particularly when one spouse asks to look through the other’s equipment for evidence because they believe the other is cheating.

It’s said that things have become worse since a gadget could once be protected from prying eyes with just a passcode or biometric safeguard. The cheater’s device might be turned over with the apps securely tucked away.

You know, depending on the branch, it’s been available on Android for five years or longer. The most offensive films suggest that a potential Apple cheater wished to produce further tools for their own endeavors. Some of the most heinous movies purport to show that applications would instantly lock and hide if the wrong face was recognized. Farcical.

The notion that one may view sent message counts and reply numbers in Messages is another extremely absurd one. Furthermore absurd.

Additionally, they assert that Apple locked down its apps rather than releasing more useful upgrades, citing the company’s apparent inability to multitask. Sometimes, those who accompany dancing claim that time was lost on improving the front-facing camera or adding more storage.

Quick news. There isn’t a set number of ten individuals in the hardware and software teams. Departments differ in terms of their aims and purview. The software functionality had no bearing whatsoever on the camera teams, and Apple did not choose to prioritize this above other options.

It’s important to remember that thoughts and news must be posted often on TikTok accounts, and accuracy is not always required. The more views a post receives and the more posts are created, the more the algorithms propagate the posts’ viewpoints.

The facts don’t seem to matter to these enraged heated thoughts on traffic. They also don’t often discuss Apple’s commitment to privacy first. It’s a brief but tasty assertion that you can throw out into cyberspace with ease.

Sometimes, it’s just a crude recounting of other people’s viewpoints done for the sake of creating material, hits, notoriety, and perhaps even some cash.

There are appropriate applications

There are a lot of actual, legitimate use cases for Apple’s features that the influencer community completely ignores.

To begin with, you may think of valid explanations for why someone would use a dating app, but you should keep the app secret. In addition to infidelity, it might also refer to someone who hasn’t disclosed their sexual orientation to their family because they’re afraid of the consequences if they do.

It is conceivable that an activist may choose to conceal their encrypted messaging app from prying eyes. For instance, in order to prevent access when a person goes through a security checkpoint and inspects their gadget.

When parents give their children their iPhones to view YouTube videos on a train, they might not want their kids to access their Slack accounts.

There are a plethora of valid reasons why someone may wish to conceal applications or restrict access without an additional unlock—much more than those about deception.

If consumers are forced to reconsider their device selection due to the possibility of concealing apps, they are unable to switch to Android. On that platform, hiding applications is also possible—years at a time.

Those who cheat must cheat.

Cheaters have always had methods of hiding. There have been methods to reduce communications before the invention of cell phones. And some people haven’t succeeded in doing so.

Consider the British guy who reportedly intended to sue Apple after his wife filed for divorce on June 13. His wife saw the texts he sent to prostitutes on the household iMac, even though he had deleted them from his iPhone. This is how he was discovered to be cheating.

iOS 18 features A
iOS 18 features

It may have been a different situation if he had used a different mobile device and had completely different accounts. Rather, he had a painful divorce and lost over 5 million pounds ($6.37 million).

In the end, the modifications made to iOS 18 by Apple won’t make someone cheat, encourage them to cheat, or improve their ability to cover up infidelity. It’s a tool with a lot of good uses, as well as some bad ones. Like the entire internet, you know. additionally TikTok.

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