HomeAppleiPhone eSIM Bug Haphazardly Deactivating iMessage and FaceTime, Requiring Actual SIM

iPhone eSIM Bug Haphazardly Deactivating iMessage and FaceTime, Requiring Actual SIM

IPhone ESIM Bug Haphazardly Deactivating IMessage
iPhone ESIM Bug Haphazardly Deactivating iMessage

An obvious iPhone eSIM bug is arbitrarily deactivating iMessage and FaceTime. At times, the main goal has all the earmarks of being to introduce an actual SIM.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman encountered the issue with T-Mobile, yet others report they’ve encountered a similar issue with different carriers.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is a chip incorporated into the iPhone motherboard. Apple originally carried eSIMs to the iPhone with the launch of the iPhone XR and XS in 2018.

eSIMs offer two key advantages: a simpler arrangement process and the capacity to utilize two telephone numbers on one smartphone by utilizing both a physical and eSIM. As for the iPhone 13, Apple eliminated the requirement for an actual SIM even with two numbers.

iPhone eSIM bug

Gurman tweeted his experience of turning to get an actual SIM after other investigating steps fizzled.

There is a very nasty iPhone and @TMobile bug where iMessage and FaceTime for a device’s phone number will randomly deactivate and there is no way to reactivate it. The only solution that worked for me is getting a new physical SIM card. An extremely disappointing issue.

Thank you to the T-Mobile store rep who was able to quickly activate a physical SIM for my phone. But this shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place. They said others have come in with the same issue and that Apple wasn’t able to resolve it.

I’ll add that I personally went direct to T-Mobile, rather than Apple. Unfortunately had to assume Apple would be unable to solve the issue. There isn’t any troubleshooting they’d offer that I didn’t already try.

Others have announced encountering exactly the same thing – or being not able to actuate iMessage and FaceTime in any case – with different carriers.

This happened to me in India with Airtel. I did every possible thing to activate it but it kept loading and eventually showed could not activate it. Had to swap the sim card and it worked!

An answer that worked for some is either to deactivate and reactivate the eSIM or to initiate another one.

Another Twitter client showed exactly the way intricate this can be.

The tech support team after reissuing eSim at least 3 different times the new one finally activated a half-hour later. Upon the new eSim being activated it created issues with the line itself. I had to call back the next day and they then had to unregister my line from the phone plan and link it back to the plan.

The issue has been happening since essentially iOS 15.4, yet it’s at this point indistinct whether this was the earliest case.

Have you encountered this? Provided that this is true, kindly offer the iOS form and transporter in the remarks.

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