iPhone SIM Unlock in Kenya, We Have Brought The Services Close to You


Purchasing Apple’s iPhone locally is one of the most impulsive things you might have in your to-do list. Yet, due to the available dealership landscape in the market, you could possibly find a device that is locked to a particular mobile carrier. Most iPhones will only work with a SIM card provided with the carrier they’re locked to. Such can be truly frustrating!

As a buyer, however, this should not spell an end to your journey of benefits from what your iPhone device has in store for you. Options are endless and here we offer trusted ways to unlock your iPhone so that you can use any SIM card.

How do you discover that your iPhone has been locked to a particular network?

When you insert a SIM card from another network into the iPhone and attempt to make a call and this doesn’t work, it’s likely that your iPhone is locked to your network.

Monten Tech’s iPhone SIM unlock

Interestingly, we do iPhone unlock service remotely. You do not have to present yourself physically at our The Bazaar Shop for this to happen. Yes, we care about your convenience.

We have confirmed complaints that a good number of iPhones in Nairobi city and beyond are lying idle locked to international networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Verizon, Orange, etc.

Why iPhone SIM unlock

Overseas, when one buys a phone it’s tied to a contract by the mobile service providers since you get into some kind of contract unlike in Kenya where most of us buy phones directly from shops on a cash basis.

Since some iPhones are easier to unlock than others, depending on the carrier and the phone’s circumstances we conduct the process with varying timelines. We, however, complete this in days -not weeks, months nor years.

It’s key to highlight that our prices for this service vary depending on the carrier (network provider).

Importantly, your phone MUST be CLEAN. How? It should not have been reported lost, stolen or barred by the carrier due to unpaid bills.

Once you provide us with the device’s IMEI number it’s checked against carrier database to confirm whether it’s clean. Sadly, most devices that land in Kenya are either reported lost or the owner had some unpaid bills with his/her previous carrier abroad.

Besides, if your iPhone is blacklisted our technical experts are able to comprehensively clean it from the list.

If you are a newbie on matters iPhone and the other Apple devices, keep calm. We can assist you to confirm if your phone is blacklisted and the network it’s locked to.

We strongly advise that before you buy, always confirm the device is not blacklisted or iCloud locked for you will be trapping yourself. Blacklisted iPhones are a bit expensive to unlock.

We do not remove iCloud and our technical team is unable to do much if your device is iCloud locked.


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