The next Windows 11 update makes the Blue Screen of Death blue once more

An update is accessible for Windows Insiders will be delivered to the public soon.


Channels today, and like every one of the Windows 11 bug-fix refreshes delivered up until this point, the rundown of settled issues is more than long enough to justify any individual who chose to remain on Windows 10 for a couple of more months.

The update (rendition number 22000.346, for the record) fixes delivering issues with the new Taskbar and Start menu, some Bluetooth sound volume control issues, issues running some 32-digit applications, and an assortment of printer issues, among numerous different things.

Covered among its other, more significant changes is the rollback of one of Windows 11’s corrective augmentations: the “Dark Screen of Death.” This update will change the shade of this framework killing mistake screen back to blue, “as in past adaptations of Windows” (and as the PC divine beings planned).

The Blue Screen of Death (or BSoD) has become famous by its own doing, with a genuinely dynamic Reddit people group devoted to spotting it and other PC blunders out in nature. It’s an update that underneath the glossy guile of our screen-filled current presence prowls a lot of dilapidated PCs that, similar to pandemic-time humankind, are frequently scarcely holding it together.

Updates commonly hit the Release Preview channel a couple of days or weeks before they’re delivered to people in general, so you can anticipate this new Windows 11 form and its re-blued blue screen to be accessible to all PCs running Windows 11 soon.

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