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More iPhone Owners Reported Issues With iOS 16

Despite four updates in just six weeks since its release, iOS 16 still gives iPhone customers problems. The most recent update has since added a crucial new problem. Users are becoming increasingly irritated because iOS 16.1, which was released last week, is causing iPhones to regularly disconnect from WiFi.


First reported by MacRumors, the issue is causing iPhones to disconnect from WiFi as frequently as every few seconds. Owners are venting their frustration on Reddit, Twitter, and the Apple Support community boards.

One user tweets, “It’s driving me mad,” with criticism of Apple and iOS 16 frequently ranking among the comments that receive the most attention. Others are growing impatient due to iOS 16’s persistent unreliability. especially in light of the high data costs that being forced onto cellular may incur.

There doesn’t seem to be any other evident cause for the issue besides updating to iOS 16.1. Users who experience this issue report WiFi disconnecting while using their iPhones, as well as when those devices are on standby or overnight charging.

Additionally, there is no reliable repair. According to one user, the issue was resolved by disabling Location Services for Networking & Wireless (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services). However, other people have reported failure, and even a complete reset of the network settings doesn’t seem to help.

iOS 16.1 issues

Apple’s Accessibility service has reported a new issue with iOS 16. VoiceOver has an issue that some users are reporting that causes call to random numbers in their contact list. This fault was not discovered by AppleVis.

I used to open the phone app, go to recent calls, flick to find the caller, and then double touch to call them back, says poster Ambro. Starting with iOS 16, VoiceOver will dial a random number rather than the one I specify. Although I acknowledge that this issue appears at random, I kindly request that you look into it because it is both important and embarrassing.

Ambro adds that Apple has stated it is looking into the matter. In the interim, numerous customers report the same problem, some of whom have experienced it since iOS 15. It is still unknown how common it is or when it initially occurred, however, comments indicate that it has occurred more than once after updating to iOS 16.1.

Tripolice, a poster, has offered a temporary solution: “Tap and hold, or triple tap, the person you wish to call from the Recent Call list. You can check if the appropriate entry is there and start the call from there.

The extent of the problem is yet unknown at this point, but there is enough activity on social media and in Apple’s forum to indicate a repair is urgently needed. The fact that iOS 16.1 is a feature-rich version with over 20 security updates, which makes it a tempting update, only serves to exacerbate the issue.

However, for those who are still on iOS 15, the recently released iOS 15.7.1 is far more reliable and includes the same crucial patches. I’ve contacted Apple about these findings, and if/when I hear back, I’ll update this post.

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