2020 Envy 15 Creator Core i7 Review: An Answer To The Apple MacBook Pro



HP is wagering enthusiastic about 4K AMOLED, quicker GeForce RTX illustrations, and less expensive beginning costs to challenge the all-well known MacBook Pro arrangement and pull in more substance makers.

Customarily, the HP Envy arrangement has consistently been the center ground arrangement between the spending Pavilion arrangement and better quality Specter arrangement. All the more as of late, be that as it may, the maker has been pushing it more towards the elite bearing to take into account requesting mixed media clients and substance makers.

The most recent Envy 15 model is being promoted as an immediate contender to the Apple MacBook Pro arrangement and in this manner other GeForce-fueled interactive media workstations like the Dell XPS 15, Gigabyte Aero 15, or Microsoft Surface Book 3 15.

Maybe the characterizing highlight of the 2020 Envy 15 is its remarkable GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q alternative which isn’t found on numerous different workstations. This GPU alone should give the HP critical execution supports against most other mixed media workstations that will in general top out at “just” the GTX 1650 or 1660 Ti.

Outside of the GPU, tenth gen Intel Comet Lake-H CPUs come standard close by the discretionary 4K UHD AMOLED touchscreen or lesser UHD Graphics 630. Our particular arrangement retails for about $1500 USD on HP.com.


It’s been a long time since we last looked at an Envy 15 clamshell and the most recent model brings critical changes both all around. The more current structure is littler an impression due to the more slender bezels yet thicker in size in light of the lot quicker processors inside. HP has likewise dropped the old “snared” pivot structure for customary pivots similar to the MacBook Pro for a more expert straightforward look.

Pivot’s unbending nature could be stiffer regardless. The top will in general waver a piece when modifying points which doesn’t give a feeling of life span.

The framework is somewhat thicker and heavier than the MacBook Pro 15 while being marginally littler than the MacBook Pro 16. Execution per-volume favors the HP Envy in view of its all the more remarkable GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU.


Dissimilar to the Dell XPS 17 or MacBook Pro 16 and their crazy number of Thunderbolt 3 ports, the Envy 15 offers a superior assortment of alternatives. Its full-size USB-An and HDMI ports will undeniably prove to be useful while the previously mentioned Dell or Apple frameworks depend intensely on connectors. There is no Kensington Lock, be that as it may.

SD Card Reader

The framework incorporates a MicroSD peruser rather than a full-size one. Move rates are conventional, yet they’re not even close as quick as what you’d get from the Dell XPS 15 arrangement or Specter x360 15 arrangement.


The Intel AX201 comes standard for Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 availability. We encountered no issues when associated with our Netgear RAX200 switch.


The baseboard is made sure about by only five T5 Torx screws and none are covered up underneath the elastic balance for simpler usefulness.

Embellishments and Warranty

There are no additional items in the case other than the AC connector and desk work. In any case, a wide scope of discretionary extras and docking stations are accessible from HP.

Input Devices


In contrast to most different consoles, the enormous unique mark peruser on the Envy 15 replaces the Fn key regardless. This “highlight” is shared between the most recent Envy x360 13 and Envy 17t too. It’s an open to composing experience insofar as you can become accustomed to this change.

The F12 key serves as a hotkey for HP Command Center which you will need to get to as often as possible for fan control and execution control.


The Precision glass clickpad is marginally bigger than the clickpad on the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15 (12.5 x 7.5 cm versus 11.5 x 7.6 cm). The coast is smooth with practically no staying in any event while moving at moderate velocities. The primary issue is that its coordinated mouse keys are light with shallow travel and feeble input when squeezed. A firmer snap would have made the clickpad simpler and more dependable to utilize.


HP publicizes a 400-nit AMOLED touchscreen while our autonomous estimations demonstrate a normal of 374 nits to be around 25 to 35 percent dimmer than the XPS 15 or MacBook Pro 16. HP is very much aware of this splendor shortage and it says the Envy 15 compensates for it with the higher local goal, quicker reaction times, further blacks, and more extensive shading space than the Apple elective which we can affirm.

Curiously, the screen is marginally grainier than what we are utilized to form a lustrous presentation. Set up a totally white picture at most extreme brilliance and the image won’t show up as sharp as a reflexive Dell XPS 15. It’s not all that much, yet it’s significant in any case.

HWiNFO can’t recognize the specific board name as it just expresses the Samsung SDC4145 regulator. Heartbeat width balance from 0 percent to 44 percent brilliance is 240 Hz while beat width tweak from 45 percent to 100 percent splendor is 59.5 Hz which is comparable in conduct to what we saw on the OLED XPS 15 and OLED Razer Blade 15. Maybe not adventitiously, these workstations are utilizing comparable OLED boards from Samsung.

HP guarantees 100 percent DCI-P3 shading inclusion when designed with 4K OLED much like all other 4K OLED alternatives on different workstations right now. Our own estimations show shading space to be marginally more extensive on the HP when contrasted with the MacBook Pro 16 (88 percent versus 78 percent AdobeRGB). Clients can rapidly flip between sRGB, AdobeRGB, DCI-P3, or default by right-tapping on the work area.

The presentation backdrop illumination isn’t splendid enough for agreeable use outside on a brilliant day. The polished screen makes glare for the most part unavoidable too in any event, when working under shade. In the event that outside permeability is significant, at that point the HP EliteBook arrangement would be the better choice for its super-splendid 1000-nit boards.


There are no Core i3, Core i5, or ULV Comet Lake-U alternatives as HP needs to situate its most recent Envy 15 as an elite sight and sound PC. Be that as it may, clients can at present design with just the coordinated UHD Graphics 630 or the GTX 1650 Ti or GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q whenever wanted.

Nvidia Optimus comes standard whenever arranged with a GeForce GPU for programmed design exchanging. All benchmarks beneath were performed on HP Performance mode for the most ideal scores.


While the Core i7-10750H when all is said in done isn’t that tremendous of a jump over the Core i7-9750H, it runs shockingly well on the Envy 15. Execution maintainability is great when running CineBench R15 xT in a circle as appeared by our diagram beneath. The Core i9-10885H is accessible for clients who can profit by having additional centers.

Framework Performance

PCMark scores are higher than most other mixed media PCs due to a great extent to the ground-breaking GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU. We suggest getting comfortable with HP Command Center as framework execution and fan clamor are personally attached to this product.

DPC Latency

LatencyMon uncovers DPC idleness issues when opening various tabs on our landing page. 4K UHD video playback is generally smooth and with no dropped outlines.

Capacity Devices

HP utilizes the equivalent Intel Optane H10 HBRPEKNX0202A SSD for the two its Envy clamshell and Envy x360 convertible arrangement. Standard NVMe choices are accessible at an arrangement which we suggest over Optane for most broad shoppers because of cost. You’re likely not going to see the benefits of Optane except if in case you’re a genuine substance maker working with huge amounts of little 4K square document sizes.

GPU Performance

In spite of the fact that HP isn’t advertising the Envy 15 as a gaming PC, its GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU is entirely equipped for playing the most recent titles at 1080p. Crude execution is just around 5 to 10 percent slower than the ordinary portable GeForce RTX 2060 as found on most devoted gaming PCs. Overhauling from the GTX 1650 Ti or GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q choice to our RTX 2060 Max-Q will net around 65 percent and 15 percent quicker designs execution, individually, on the head of any RTX-explicit highlights.

3DMark outcomes are 50 to 75 percent higher than the Radeon Pro 5500M as found on the MacBook Pro 16 to the arrangement of the perceptibly quicker illustration.

Running the PC on HP Performance mode brings about quicker CPU execution when contrasted with the customary HP Default mode. Our Fire Strike Physics score, for instance, would bounce from 15002 focuses on 18040 focuses.


Framework Noise

The fans never inactive in any event, when set to the calmest settings through HP Command Center. Fan clamor bottoms at 32.2 dB(A) against a foundation of 26.4 dB(A) to consistently be somewhat discernible regardless of the onscreen load. It’s not uproarious enough to divert, yet don’t anticipate that this PC should be as tranquil as an ordinary Ultrabook.

Fan commotion hops perceptibly when exposed to higher burdens. Running Witcher 3 on the HP Default and HP execution power profiles would bring about a fan commotion of 50 .8 dB(A) and 53.7 dB(A), separately, to be comparative in range to some superior gaming workstations.


Surface temperature advancement is to a great extent even. Problem areas close to the middle can be as warm as 47 C to 51 C on the top and base sides of the PC, individually, contrasted with 41 C to 47 C on the MacBook Pro 16. The Envy 15 will feel more like a slender gaming PC than an Ultrabook when under high loads in such a manner.

Stress Test

When running Prime95 on HP Performance mode, the CPU would lift to 4.2 GHz with the fan kicking to outfit once center temperature arrives at 85 C. It in the long run balances out at 4.0 to 4.1 GHz and at a center temperature of 86 C. On the off chance that running a similar test on HP Default mode, the CPU would balance out at a much lower 2.1 GHz clock rate and 61 C center temperature. The presentation contrasts between the HP profiles are in this manner huge if running high preparing loads.

Curiously, normal center temperatures when under extraordinary burdens are too not the same as the MacBook Pro 16 despite the fact that the last use a more slow Radeon GPU. When running Prime95 and FurMark, the CPU and GPU in the HP would balance out at 88 C and 71 C, separately, contrasted with 78 C and 79 C on the Apple.

Running on battery force will confine execution. A Fire Strike test on batteries would return Physics and Graphics scores of 11779 and 4440 focuses, separately, contrasted with 18040 and 15578 focuses when on main.

Energy Management

Power Consumption

Every one of those illustrations’ power includes some significant pitfalls as force utilization is more much the same as a gaming PC than sight and sound PC. When running Witcher 3, for instance, the HP would expend 125 W contrasted with 103 W or 93 W on the MacBook Pro 16 and Dell XPS 15, individually.

We’re ready to record a most extreme utilization of 194.6 W from the medium-huge (~16.5 x 8 x 2.5 cm) 200 W AC connector when running outrageous burdens. Luckily, we can watch no battery depleting issue when connected because of the heavy AC connector which is beyond what we can say for the Dell XPS 17.

Battery Life

Runtimes are better than average however not close to as long the same number of other 15.6-inch PCs regardless of the huge 83 Wh inside the battery. The 4K UHD Dell XPS 15, for instance, can last around 3 hours longer when under a similar WLAN testing conditions.

Energizing from void to full limit takes about 1.5 hours. Sadly, the framework can’t be energized by means of USB-C.


HP has basically rehashed its Envy 15 arrangement. This most recent model is totally unique in relation to the last age variant with practically all improves being. Besides the more expert look, simpler usefulness, and new Core H-arrangement choices, the discretionary GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU is a lot quicker than what the MacBook Pro 15 or MacBook Pro 16 can offer right now while costing less in the process which is actually what HP needed.

Be that as it may, the gaming-level equipment implies the Envy 15 likewise acquires huge numbers of indistinguishable disadvantages from a slender gaming PC. Try not to be tricked by its smooth Ultrabook-like look since this PC won’t run as long as your normal Intel UHD or GeForce MX-fueled Ultrabook nor will it be as tranquil or as lightweight.

It’s very nearly a gaming PC in mask despite the fact that it’s promoted to content makers similarly as the Gigabyte Aero arrangement. The 200 W AC connector, for instance, is fundamentally bigger and along these lines more lumbering to convey than for any Ultrabook. On the off chance that clients comprehend these natural disservices, at that point they’ll be content with the new Envy 15 and its elevated level of execution considering the cost and structure factor. Else, you’d be in an ideal situation with a Specter rather if your outstanding burdens comprise for the most part of web surfing and word handling.

There are a bunch of alterations we might want to see to improve the Envy 15. USB-C charging backing would be amazingly valuable for explorers as the huge 200 W AC connector would then be able to remain at home when it’s not required. Both the clickpad and pivots could be firmer to more readily mirror the significant expense of the new model. A less prominent situating for the unique mark peruser would fulfill clients who depend on the Fn key.

that point the 2020 Envy 15 merits investigating. Not, at this point controlled by ULV processors, the new Envy houses ground-breaking gaming-like equipment alternatives enclosed by an Ultrabook-like body to be an incredible center ground arrangement.

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