Raspberry Pi Project Syncs Philips Hue Lights With Your TV Using HDMI


In case you’re a film buff, planning the ideal home auditorium is an unquestionable requirement! This task made by MCPCapitalLLC utilizes a Raspberry Pi to make encompassing striking that matches whatever you’re viewing on TV.

The arrangement is known as Harmonize Project. It deciphers HDMI contribution from your TV with the Pi to figure out what shading to send to the Phillips Hue connect.

A demo of the venture was delivered in December, however this week the source code was authoritatively made accessible for anybody keens on reproducing the task at home.

Blend Project was tried with a Raspberry Pi 4B and utilizations Python to control the Phillips Hue Lights. There are various lights that change contingent upon the normal pixel shading comparative with their physical area to the TV.

In the event that you need to reproduce this undertaking at home, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi, Philips Hue lights, an HDMI splitter, an HDMI catch card, and in any event 512 MB of RAM. Look at the full source code on Github to perceive how it functions and begins. Make certain to follow the Harmonize Project channel on YouTube for future updates.

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