Some Apple Watch Series 5 Owners Seeing Issues With Inconsistent Battery Levels and Random Shutdowns



Some Apple Watch Series 5 proprietors have been encountering battery issues with their gadgets that cause arbitrary shutdowns in any event, when the ‌Apple Watch‌ is detailing high battery levels.

A conflicting perusing of genuine battery level has all the earmarks of being to blame, as by and large, the ‌Apple Watch‌ reports almost 100 percent battery levels for a large portion of the day preceding dropping down to near 50 percent and afterward closing off. Macrumors peruser Todd depicts the issue:

Preceding an ongoing update, my watch had been precise in detailing its battery level. It’s difficult to state which late update MAY have made the issue, or if it’s an aftereffect of something else, yet I’m right now running watchOS 6.2.8.

For as far back as scarcely any weeks, my watch has been detailing at or close to 100% battery levels for the length of the day – 5-6 hours at any rate.

It will at that point drop down to around 53% and afterward suddenly shut off. Once restarted, it reports a battery level of 53% however will at that point shut down again if not put on a charger.

Different clients have seen an issue where the ‌Apple Watch‌ closes down at around 50 percent battery, energizes to 99 percent in a brief timeframe, and afterward has issues charging completely to 100 percent.

There are grumblings about these battery life issues on the MacRumors discussions and the Apple Support Communities, in addition to iMore expounded on the issue not long ago. From the Apple Support Communities:

I am having the accompanying issue with my Series 5 ‌Apple Watch‌, bought four months prior:

  •  After a full charge, the battery charge pointer stays stuck at 100% for roughly 4-9 hours.
  • The battery charge pointer at that point starts to diminish.
  • 3. At the point when the battery charge pointer arrives at roughly 15-33%, the watch shuts down abruptly, with no low battery cautioning (which ought to be given at 10%).

In synopsis, the battery charge marker is basically never right.

‌Apple Watch‌ Series 5 proprietors have been whining about battery life issues since the gadget was first discharged in September 2019, and keeping in mind that it doesn’t have all the earmarks of being a broad issue, there are a decent number of individuals who are encountering issues.

Objections have persevered over various watchOS refreshes, and there have been reports about battery blunders after the most recent watchOS 6.2.6 and watchOS 6.2.8 updates.

Some influenced clients have had the option to tackle the issue by getting a substitution watch from Apple, however different strategies, for example, resetting the watch, re-matching, erasing watch appearances, and more have not worked.

Given the blended reports about the battery issues and the time allotment that individuals have been encountering issues, it’s not satisfactory what’s happening yet apparently Apple hasn’t yet had the option to fix the issue.

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