WhatsApp will delete the accounts of those who use the unauthorized apps


WhatsApp announces it will delete the accounts of users who are using WhatsApp Plus, An alternative app offered by third parties, according to Formal speech.

The company notified users of using unsupported apps, such as Whatsapp plus and the GB WhatsApp Or, those who claim to be able to transfer WhatsApp conversations from one phone to another.

As they said, these unofficial apps were developed by third parties and violate their terms of use, Because their security practices cannot be validated.

So they announced that they will temporarily suspend these accounts so that users will not use the official app, if not, Accounts will be permanently terminated.

How to switch to the official version of WhatsApp?

You must first save a backup copy of your chat history before transferring your account to the official version of WhatsApp.

It will identify the name of the fraudulent application If necessary, transfer your chat history to the official version.

Whatsapp plus

According to the company, to take back your conversations from WhatsApp You can do the following, although it does not guarantee that these steps will be successful, as it is not an official app.

  • If you previously saved chat history, it should be automatically transferred to the official version of WhatsApp.
  • Opens Play Store And download WhatsApp.
  • Verify your phone number so the restore can be done.

GB WhatsApp

  • Wait for the temporary suspension to finish. The stopwatch will display the duration of the suspension
  • On GB WhatsApp, tap More options > Chats > Backup.
  • go to the Settings From the phone> storage > Records.
  • Find the folder GB WhatsApp While continuing to select it.
  • In the upper right corner, tap Plus > rename And rename the folder to “The WhatsApp”.
  • Opens Play Store And download the official version from The WhatsApp.
  • Confirm your phone number or mobile phone
  • You will see it on the screen “A backup was found,” Click on the option Recovery.

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