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OnePlus Watch Teased With Circular Dial, Won’t Run Google’s Wear OS

OnePlus introduced its first wearable bracelet dubbed the OnePlus Band in January, and it will unveil its first smartwatch on March 23 alongside the OnePlus 9 series. Company CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that the watch is called OnePlus.

Watch and that it will provide “seamless connectivity” between OnePlus devices, including smartphones, audio devices, smart clothing, and smart TVs.

Mr. Lau also said that the OnePlus watch will have a “stunning, burden-free design”, and although the smartwatch has not yet been revealed in its entirety, a tweet from the official OnePlus account confirmed that the OnePlus watch will have a circular dial, which according to yesterday’s leak is said to be 46mm in size.

The CEO of OnePlus further said that the OnePlus Watch will deliver “a top-notch experience at an affordable price”, although its price remains unknown. Mr. Lau also shared a two-second video clip on Twitter, which could refer to the rumored IP68 water resistance or just something random.

Additionally, Mr. Lau revealed that the OnePlus Watch will not work with Google’s Wear operating system and will ship with an RTOS-based operating system. Here is what he said:

During the development of the OnePlus watch, we tried to understand the weak points of a smartwatch wearer. We chose a smart wear operating system developed on the basis of RTOS because we believe it gives you a smooth and reliable experience while providing great battery life, covering some of the biggest concerns we’ve heard from. the share of people looking to buy a smartwatch.

OnePlus has yet to detail the specifications for the OnePlus watch, but it has confirmed that the smartwatch will feature a step counter and a heart rate monitor.

Rumors say the OnePlus Watch will be available in black and silver colors and come with a SpO2 sensor, workout detection, sleep tracking, and 4GB of internal storage.

The smartwatch is said to come in standard and LTE variants and also serves as a remote control for OnePlus TVs. It will also feature Warp Charge technology, which will deliver power for a week in 20 minutes.

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