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Renders For The iPhone 15 Pro Show Changes To The Home Button and Design

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Ahead of us is the iPhone 15 series. Yet, you may learn most of the information about the series before Apple makes it official. The devices have been the subject of numerous leaks in recent weeks. Now the most recent leak has officially validated the iPhone 15 Pro’s design rumors.

Thus, the recently discovered leak concerning the iPhone 15 Pro shows CAD renderings of the gadget. Compared to earlier leaks, this one provides a better early peek at the future phone. The fact that the leaked renderings illustrate what the new buttons would look like is another one of its main selling points.

The iPhone 15 Pro has a new button design and no mute switch

The most anticipated iPhone 15 Pro’s new form and features are depicted in the leaked renders, which were discovered on Chinese social media by a reliable leaker. Yet the render’s lack of buttons is what stands out the most. The future phone may have one button that performs the role of two volume controls rather than two separate ones.

There won’t be a mute switch on the iPhone 15 Pro, according to the renderings. Apple decided to use a button to provide the same functionality instead. As you might have guessed, these are not the standard buttons seen on today’s iPhones. They’ll probably have a haptic design instead.

iPhone 15 Pro Mute Button

Thus, solid-state buttons are anticipated on the iPhone 15 Pro. Apple will rely on software mechanisms that, when activated, produce a vibratory experience to provide you with feedback.

The base iPhone 15 model, on the other hand, appears to contain a mute switch in the renders. Thus there’s a chance you’ll find the unique feature on the base model in its original configuration.

iPhone 15 buttons 2

In addition, the iPhone 15 Pro renders depict cameras with smaller sensors. The phone only looks to have two lenses in the renders. However, it’s unclear how Apple would improve camera performance if the Pro model has tiny sensors.

Do Solid-State Buttons Have Any Advantages?

When Apple changed the trackpad on MacBooks to the Force Touch trackpad, the advantages were quite obvious. It was fairly challenging for Mac users to click the trackpad near the top edge. In essence, it was difficult because of the hinger design. But Apple addressed the problem with Force Tough. Even multiple clicks are made simple with this function.

iPhone 15 Pro Solid state button

But with something as basic as volume controls and a mute switch, the advantages are not immediately apparent. I mean, the standard buttons on the current-generation iPhone work really well. So why bother giving the impending iPhone 15 series a new look?

But, since there is just one volume button, changing it will be simpler. Anyone knows how? You don’t have to use two buttons to operate. iPhones aren’t known for being easily repairable, though. I, therefore, find it hard to imagine that Apple is making this change for this only purpose.

The speedier operation of the new iPhone 15 Pro buttons may be another advantage. Using just one button, you could adjust the playback volume precisely. You might even be able to create controls that are precisely calibrated. But is it really what iPhone users require right now?

iPhone 15 Pro b

Yet, Apple may certainly increase the usefulness of the iPhone 15’s solid-state buttons. For instance, a hard press, single tap, or double tap could all have their own specific functions. But, Apple could implement it using the physical buttons seen in the most recent iPhone models.

Nevertheless, since there are no physical buttons, you must manage accidental presses. How Apple intends to handle this on the next iPhone 15 handsets is not yet made known. We must thus wait to see what Apple actually does with regard to the buttons.

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