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Safaricom is by All Means Throttling YouTube on Home Fiber Connections

For some time presently, I’ve had issues playing YouTube recordings on my Android TV. This is even before Safaricom carried out a Fair Usage Policy, so it isn’t a new thing.

I’ve raised two or multiple times both with companions, and neighbors and on various events I’ve called 400 requesting that they check my association. The issue actually continues.

Back in December, my neighbors and I had a similar issue. A call to 400 appeared to help tackle the issue, however just quickly in light of the fact that a couple of days in, we were back to trusting that YouTube will cradle.

The Issues:

  • YouTube either will not play recordings totally or will default to 360p, or 480p on Android TV and at times on my cell phone. On my PC, things are generally fine.
  • At times, Twitter is likewise an issue with pictures declining to load, and this is just so on my cell phone.
  • A few groups have revealed things like the DSTV App not having the option to stream.

Interestingly, some individuals, have high-level Home Fiber flower bundles. This should mean great rates fit for doing 4K streaming well overall. By and by for me, my 20Mbps bouquet has been doing 4K on YouTube really well ludicrous years, until this issue emerged months prior.

What’s odder is that when I utilize a VPN, my YouTube functions admirably. Thus for some time now, that has been my go-to arrangement at whatever point I need to watch something on YouTube.

A year ago, back in March, I had a comparable issue with Netflix. It kept going longer than seven days if my memory serves me well. And surprisingly in those days, utilizing a VPN was the lone path around the issue.

At present, playing Netflix is simple. Everything streams well, and you can test this out utilizing this instrument on Netflix to see that even on a 20Mbps association, 4K recordings from the stage will play.

The issue has all the earmarks of being widespread, which means Safaricom ought to at this point be certainly mindful there’s an issue. In any case, there has been no authority correspondence on the equivalent.

Do you have a comparative issue, and how have you discovered a workaround?

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