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Unveiling the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Requirement for Enhanced Apple Intelligence

However, it has come to light that these cutting-edge AI features will only be available on the latest iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models.

Apple’s New iPhone Features Outperform Samsung and Google When Your Battery Dies

but it also indicates that Find My will still function by displaying an empty battery indicator and the phrase "iPhone is Findable

iOS 18 isn’t an operating system designed for cheaters any more than Android has been

The hidden applications and locked apps capabilities of iOS 18 have captured the attention of many videos on TikTok and other social media sites.

The latest artificial intelligence from Apple excludes almost 90% of existing iPhone Users

The scope of this technological advancement, however, was qualified by information that Apple later revealed during the keynote and on its website.

iOS 18 is reworking one of the most popular iPhone features, but it isn’t compatible with the iPhone 15

The flashlight has been improved in iOS 18, which was just revealed by Apple at WWDC 2024. New options allow you to adjust the brightness of light more than ever.

How to Downgrade From the iOS 18 Beta to iOS 17

Major software upgrades from Apple are sometimes known to have significant bugs in the beta versions, especially in the early releases.