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This is how to activate iOS 18’s iPhone Eye Tracking feature

iPhone Eye Tracking in iOS 18 8

The most notable of the new accessibility features in iOS 18 for the iPhone is the ability to operate the device with just your eyes. Here’s how to enable iPhone Eye Tracking in iOS 18, whether you need it for accessibility reasons or you want to play around with the new functionality.

Apple works hard to ensure that everyone uses the iPhone and its other products. With iOS 18, features like vocal shortcuts, music haptics, and eye tracking have opened up new possibilities. The iOS 18 beta allows you to test out the accessibility enhancements that Apple unveiled in May.

How to turn on iPhone Eye Tracking in iOS 18

Apple suggests positioning your iPhone for eye tracking on a firm surface around 1.5 feet away from your face to achieve the best results.

  1. Make sure you’re running the iOS 18 beta on your iPhone
  2. Open the Settings app
  3. Tap Accessibility
  4. Swipe down and choose Eye Tracking (under Physical And Motor)
  5. Tap the toggle to turn on Eye Tracking
  6. Follow the calibration process, where you track a colored circle around the screen with your eyes

When the eye tracking setup is finished, Dwell Control will activate automatically. With Dwell Control, the chosen dwell action is carried out by keeping your sight still for a certain amount of time. Navigate to the Dwell Control options in AssistiveTouch to make changes.

You’ll be requested to link Eye Tracking/Dwell and Assistive Touch when AssistiveTouch is enabled. Once it is, you may use eye tracking to lock your iPhone, navigate to the home screen, scroll, and more.

The process of activating iPhone Eye Tracking in iOS 18 looks like this:

iPhone Eye Tracking in iOS 18

You could be prompted to utilize Dwell and Scroll with AssistiveTouch for additional functionality when the calibration is complete.

iPhone Eye Tracking in iOS 18 1

And that’s it! You ought to be ready to use eye tracking on your iPhone. When eye tracking is enabled, as demonstrated above, the button, app, or place you are concentrating on will have a white outline around it. Remain focused to choose anything.

Additionally, you may continue to utilize your touchscreen while eye tracking. If the accuracy or responsiveness of your eye tracking is lacking, consider resetting it by placing your iPhone on a stand and placing your face about 1.5 feet away.

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