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With watchOS 11, Your Apple Watch Can Now Track Your Naps

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watchOS 11 Upgrade

During this year’s WWDC, Apple unveiled a number of intriguing new features for the Apple Watch range. The next watchOS 11 upgrade for the Apple Watch will come with a ton of new features, training loads, and AI-powered functionalities. However, Apple omitted several capabilities from its presentation, such as nap monitoring and sleep detection.

I’ve already started playing with the first watchOS 11 beta to see what Apple has added. The new operating system is already accessible. Although I was anticipating other significant upgrades, such as the clever translation feature, I wasn’t prepared for nap detection. Fortunately for me, a Redditor discovered that their Apple Watch automatically logged their sleep data when they fell asleep while wearing it.

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watchOS 11

The Apple Watch needed to be in Sleep Focus mode in watchOS 10 and previous versions in order to record sleep data. Furthermore, it only supported complete evening naps rather than nap monitoring. However, based on what Redditors have observed and what I’ve observed throughout my own testing, watchOS 11 appears to now include sleep detection.

Of course, there are certain restrictions. It doesn’t seem to distinguish between the different phases of sleep like typical sleep tracking does. However, it’s still a great update, and I, along with many others, had been hoping for the Apple Watch to have this feature for a while. It’s unclear if this means the Apple Watch will track your sleep automatically in its entirety or if it will only recognize when you take naps outside of your regularly scheduled bedtime.

The only thing keen owners of Apple Watches can do is explore and wait to see how the function changes—if at all—in future betas since Apple has yet to make any mention of it.

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